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Turn your place into a cool oasis! Let Shifler Electrical Associates, Inc. handle your commercial and residential air conditioning demands. From sales and installation to service and repair, you can count on our nearly 50 years of expertise to fight the elements and help you keep your cool all summer long.


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Is the thermostat set below the ambient temperature? The unit will only kick on when the temperature rises above the thermostat setting. On humid days, the air can feel sticky and warm even when the temperature is in the mid-seventies. Setting your thermostat to a slightly lower temperature for an hour or two should cause your air conditioner to run enough to dehumidify the air. Once indoor humidity has been reduced to a comfortable level, return your thermostat to its normal setting.


•  Is the thermostat set to cool? If not, adjust the thermostat. Note: do not repeatedly turn your thermostat on and off in rapid succession as this can damage your compressor.


•  Has anyone been in the attic lately? Many attics have a power switch, like a light switch, which turns power on and off to the attic unit. People sometimes inadvertently turn off this switch on their way out of the attic.


•  Have you changed your air filter recently? A dirty filter will restrict air flow and compromise cooling. Replace your disposable filter if you haven't done so recently. If you have an electrostatic filter, take it outside and thoroughly clean it.


•  Have you checked the circuit breaker marked AC? If the breaker is tripped, reset it.

Note: If you air conditioner is regularly tripping the breaker, your unit probably needs to be serviced.


•  Is anything obstructing air flow to the outside (condenser) unit? Overgrown vegetation or anything else obstructing air flow around the condenser can compromise cooling. Likewise any debris inside the condenser (ant mounds and grass clippings are common culprits) can keep it from functioning properly. Be sure to turn off the breaker before removing any debris from the condenser.


•  Is the outside unit (condenser) icing over? If there is ice coating part of your outdoor system, there is a problem with your system. (Common causes of condensers icing over include refrigerant leaks and dirty coils). Turn off your air conditioner so that the unit can completely defrost. An air conditioning technician will not be able to properly troubleshoot or service your system while the condenser is iced over.


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